Surrounded by beautiful landscapes across the country and a very important volcanic chain, we find the biggest and most cosmopolitan country of Central America: Guatemala. Guatemala City is live, full of colors, flavors, textures; it is simply a welcoming country full of history, romance and mystery. Guatemala is a country with historical roots and a young heart as well.


Here you can enjoy the wonders of nature, biodiversity, ecotourism, sun, beaches, volcanoes, adventure, mayan and colonial cities, local culture and traditions, as well as an exquisite cuisine. We warmly WELCOME YOU!



The North and West is bordered by Mexico, the Southwest by the Pacific Ocean, the Northeast by Belize, the East by Caribbean, and the Southeast by Honduras and El Salvador.



Guatemala has an excellent weather throughout the year. This is the reason why Guatemala is known as the "Land of Never Ending Spring".


We have a warm weather on the coast 25-35 °C, a cold weather in the Altiplano 10-25 °C and a temperate weather in Antigua 20-27 °C.



Guatemala City





Political Division:

22 Departments



14 million (i.e. INE site: http://www.ine.gob.gt/np/poblacion/index.htm)



The official language is Spanish, however, there are 23 local languages and regional dialects; from which 21 are Mayan, one Garífuna, and one Xinca.


Our Coffee:

It is well known that Guatemala has the world's best coffee. For many years coffee was our number one export product, also in revenue. A very important factor that helped was the incomparable weather, the altitude, and soil, characteristics that give that unique and special flavor to our coffee. There are five main regions where the best coffee is grown: Antigua, Cobán, Huehuetenango, Atitlán and Fraijanes. However, the coffee from Antigua is the one considered as the finest in quality all over the world.


According to the best tasters of the region, top quality coffee must have the best balance between acidity and sweetness. Coffee from Antigua presents such quality due to the altitude of the land where it is grown. This balance in flavor can hardly be found in other coffee regions throughout the country.


Antigua’s coffee applies in a ‘Genuine’ classification, since it presents all seven characteristics (body, sweetness, acidity, taste, aftertaste, fragrance and aroma) given to world wide top quality coffee, being the most important three: aftertaste, fragrance and aroma.


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